Our Grad Success Stories

Recovered from  hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, now have a solid relationship with money.

Kevin Avery & Kate Lowes

Made good with CRA, their real estate business sky-rocketed and personal lives changed forever.


Balances being a Mother, having a thriving business and knowing that everyone’s needs are being met. 

Nicole Weston, from social worker to NLP Coach in private practice - 6X ROI using QCP ONLY

Walked away from a stable career and successfully launch a fulfilling new one. 

Dr. Angela Martin-King replaced and then doubled her chiropractic income in the first 12 months after training

Knows her worth, stands in it and doubled her rates and income.

Fazeena Haniff

Doubled rates & Income after NLP training. EXTREME Personal breakthroughs and connection to mission and purpose

Experienced miracles and made a bunch of money at the same time!

Jen & Mike Scholte
$100,000 financial ROI within 4 months

Personal ROI invaluable!

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